Robert Kovic

Robert Kovic is an AMERICA FIRST Republican running for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District for every American who still believes that the American Dream is still possible.

Robert Kovic is a first generation American. His parents legally came to the United States in the late 60’s from Socialist Yugoslavia in search of a better life for their future family.

As blue-collar workers, his parents worked hard in pursuit of the “American Dream”, the promise of America.


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Robert on the Issues

Government Spending

Our government must be more responsible with handling our budget and how it spends our hard-earned money. We must set serious and realistic national priorities that directly benefit all American citizens.

We CAN fund these priorities, like education, infrastructure and national security while still working to cut taxes AND maintain a balanced budget.


Socialism is a terrible idea that has failed all around the world and remains a nightmare for those who have experienced it firsthand.

Now, the Democratic Party wants to make this nightmare a reality for American citizens and almost nominated a self-avowed socialist as its Presidential candidate. The quiet, rapid growth of Socialism within the Democratic Party is unacceptable and un-American.

As the son of immigrants who came to America from Socialist Yugoslavia in search of a better life, I will fight every day to restore the American Dream and keep the promise of opportunity for all who are willing to work for it.


We need to get our kids back into the classrooms and learning in-person. Our children have lost an important year of education and growth.

While teachers did their best, there were insufficient systems in place to provide effective virtual learning in many districts throughout our country.

We must ensure that our teachers have the resources necessary to help our kids catch-up with lost time and provide them with a first-class education they deserve so they can work toward a brighter future.


The public health care option by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer and Joe Biden is not the answer. While protecting those with pre-existing conditions, we need to end the practice of surprise medical billing, lower the cost of co-payments, deductibles and prescription drugs, and put more emphasis on protecting access to health care in underserved areas.

We need market-based solutions that allow insurance to be sold across state lines, drug prices should be slashed, price transparency measures implemented, and competition increased.

It is paramount that we create quality care at an affordable price, with partnerships between healthcare organization, insurance companies and employers.

Constitutional Rights

I am an avid outdoorsman and I think that the American heritage of responsible gun ownership must be preserved and protected. It is our right. Access to firearms is not the cause of the tragedies we sometimes see in our country or other countries around the world—mental health is.

We, as a country, need to shift this conversation to the issues regarding mental health and how to provide for citizens with mental health issues and address these problems at an early age. Limiting the ability of responsible, law-abiding Americans to own and access firearms is not the answer.

National Security

In Congress, I’ll fight to ensure that our allies trust us and our enemies fear us. I will make sure that our country and citizens are not threatened, taken advantage of or disregarded by foreign countries or entities in pursuit of their own interests and at the expense of our own.

I will protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic, always. We must make clear to our allies they can trust America again and work to build strong partnerships around the world to meet challenges together.

Transportation and Infrastructure

We must address our country’s crumbling infrastructure, but we must do it in an economical and effective way. One of the federal government’s main responsibilities, beyond national defense, is the creation and maintenance of a strong national infrastructure.

The Joe Biden infrastructure plan is a disaster and is nothing but a re-branded attempt to pass AOC’s Green New Deal. We need to ensure that we have a strong, functional infrastructure.

Police and Law Enforcement

I will always support our law enforcement personnel. These individuals need to be respected, supported and appreciated for the risks they take every day to keep us and our communities safe. They leave their homes and families every day not knowing if they will ever return. I will make every effort to help keep them safer and effective while doing their job.

I will never support anything that makes law enforcement more difficult, more dangerous, or makes our communities less safe. But I will work for any necessary common sense reforms that promote better policing and support giving law enforcement the tools, training, and resources they need to do their best.


We must make sure that we honor and never forget the service and sacrifice of our veterans who answered their country’s call to keep us free. I will work to make sure they get the support and resources they need to stay healthy, to stay productive and to make sure that their service and sacrifice has not been in vain and forgotten. They must believe that their country IS here for them, as they were here for their country.

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