Meet Robert Kovic

Early Life

Robert Kovic is a first generation American. His parents legally came to the United States in the late 60’s from Socialist Yugoslavia in search of a better life for their future family. As blue-collar workers, his parents worked hard in pursuit of the “American Dream”, the promise of America.

Robert Kovic learned the value and necessity of hard work especially for those, like most Americans, who were not born into privilege. He also learned that everyone should receive the benefit of their own hard work and hard-earned dollar. Working simply to support the government and others “less motivated” is the reason his parents left Socialist Yugoslavia.

Rob worked whenever he was able in order to get through school. Despite the many struggles and hardships, the family faced, he finished school and is the first man in his family to ever attend and graduate college. He then went on to obtain his master’s degree and Law Degree.

Rob has been successfully practicing law for about 20 years. He was also active in local government for several years, serving as Borough Councilman in his prior town. He now lives in Sparta, New Jersey with his wife and son.